"50 Years at NASA" NASA Speakers Bureau

Event date: July 19, 2019
Event Time: 07:00 PM – 11:59 PM
2800 Sonoma Ranch
Las Cruces, NM 88001
In NASA Speakers Bureau presenter, Victor Murray’s five decades at Johnson Space Center, Mr. Murray has participated in every major space exploration program since Apollo. He was there when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left for the Moon, as the drama of Apollo 13 mission unfolded, at the launch of the first space shuttle, and when the final module of the ISS was connected. On September 20, 2018, Victor was awarded the Silver Snoopy at a JSC ceremony commemorating his 50 years of service to the space program.
Mr. Murray will chronicle his experiences from his days as a young technician during the Apollo, Skylab, and Space shuttle programs, his involvement as a key safety engineer during the deployment of the International Space Station and his current role in helping pave the way to Mars with the Orion Capsule.
He is committed to ensuring that his Safety expertise and experience will make the NASA vision both present and future a success.